Be Treated Like a Neighbor, Not a Number

Special Offer for Lancaster Locals – Why Local Matters

Our store has remained in Lancaster since its founding in 1960. As such, we pledge to treat our neighbors with special care. This area has always provided for us and we would like to say “Thank You”.

Individual Attention in all Cases – Why Family-Owned Matters

We have always been a Family Owned business, sized right to provide special attention to each individual.

– We Guarantee that your situation will be treated uniquely, and you will get exactly what you need. No Arm-twisting salesmanship, no distorted facts. Just friends helping friends.

Learn Why Everyone who buys at AAA is a VIP

Reliable Support down the Line – Why Bricks and Mortar Matters

Learn how to use your machine right at the store. Have a resource forever.

– You can come to the showroom and see demonstrations on how to use any equipment.
– You can ask employees for help while the products are right in front of you.
– Call us and a human being will answer. We have in-house experts to answer any questions about your machines that arise throughout the lifetime of your product.

Don’t risk buying a dud, or being surprised with something you don’t actually like.

– Our vacuums and sewing machines are pre-assembled at our store and TESTED. That means that you won’t be purchasing something online and not know how to put it together, or end up with a machine that just plain doesn’t work.
– You can hold the machines, and feel the weight of them. You can see what colors really look like in a showroom. No buying just from hyped-up pictures online or in a magazine.

Fast Repairs Done Right

– Repairs are guaranteed done within 24-48 hours for those who bought their machine at AAA. We also offer loaner vacuums for those who bought from us. Learn more on our Repair Page.
– Chances are we can fix whatever you have, even if you didn’t buy from us. No one can touch us on parts, or expertise.

Support and Classes

– If you buy a sewing machine, we’re here to teach you how to use it.
– FREE SEWING CLASSES for as long as you own the machine you bought from us.

Free Parking Right at the Storefront. This might sound like an old-timey benefit, but it saves you paying for parking and/or time looking for a safe spot to put your car.

No Buyer’s Remorse: Get Exactly What You Want – Why Experience Matters

The translation of 53 years of business is that you can trust the knowledge we provide. It means we understand what quality really is. We seek out the best products, and a wide variety. This is to say that you can come into our showroom with an idea in mind, and get exactly what YOU want. It means that what you purchase will give you the results you want, and keep doing so.

Here is a little taste of the background of our company and staff, so you can get to know us and recognize the resources at your disposal:

Mike Vasile, along with a partner, founded AAA in 1960.  Was a regional sales rep for Hoover for 30 years. He named the company AAA because the three As represented the highest ratings, or the best quality of service. This is the principle the company was founded on – AAA rated service and quality brought to the local people of Lancaster.

Debbie Eager, current owner, inherited the company (and decades of knowledge) from her father. She herself was a sales rep with Hoover for 5 years. Needless to say, knowledge of vacuums runs deep in the Eager family. And it’s all at your disposal at our showroom (or even through a simple phone call).

Julie is one of our sewing experts. She has been doing embroidery and monogramming for years. You can tap into her knowledge to learn tips and tricks about sewing, or to better understand the functionality of any of our machines.

Charlie, our repairman, worked for years both at a sewing company and at a vacuum machine company. He knows inside and out the workings of a great variety of machines. Whatever your model, chances are he can fix it.

Where to Get Started – Visit Your Neighbors at AAA
Come to our Showroom and meet our team in person!

Come on in and tell us what you want – or ask for more advice! Mention any part of this article to get even more specifics on how you can benefit.

Alternatively, you can call and learn more about products, special offers, repairs, and classes at our number – [717-397-5776]


60 Years in Business.
Family Owned.
Always Lancaster Local.
Learn how this all makes a difference to YOU