AAA VIP Service – “I Bought at AAA”

Don’t wait – Repairs Guaranteed in 24-48 Hours

Anyone who buys a vacuum from AAA is put to the top of our repair list if the time ever comes, so that you don’t have to wait around and be without your vacuum.


Never Miss a Beat – Don’t Get Caught with Messy Floors

We understand that sometimes you need clean floors sooner than soon. And with your vacuum at our shop, that doesn’t seem possible. That is why we trust all our customers who bought their vacuum at AAA with a loaner vacuum – so they never miss a beat in their busy lives. Because sometimes, your next house party is only a day away – or later that day!


Sewing Classes and Support – For Life

Any time you buy a Sewing machine at AAA, you are entitled to support and FREE sewing classes for as long as you own the machine! We don’t leave you hanging, we train every customer and how to take full advantage of their machines.


 Come to our Showroom now and take advantage of the VIP Service that no one else can offer!


You will never have to think twice about any purchase you make with us!